LJ repost from 2/13/09

Going to repost on here two posts I made on Livejournal awhile ago. I’ll do them separately, because that makes me feel like I have made more posts here, plus they work better apart.

What else have I been up to?

Well, knitting. A lot. No, really. Knitting. Long story short, my current total obsession with Doctor Who led me to finding a knitting pattern for a Dalek. I HAD to have it. And I just happened to have a ‘teach yourself to knit’ kit that I bought two years ago but never did anything with. So, after a few false starts, I knitted myself a god damned Dalek.

This was from before I actually stuffed him. He’s all full of Fiberfil now, but I haven’t taken any new pictures. And his name is Lumpy, since he’s, well, lumpy, due to my lack of counting skillz (which you can’t really see the results of in the picture, but trust me, he’s got random bumps all over his body).

The ladies at the yarn shop were amazed that I did something that complicated as my first project. Most people make scarves. Me? A Dalek. Though my next major project will be the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. All 12+ feet (and $50 worth of wool yarn) of it. And my current large project is a TARDIS. (Did I mention that I’m a bit into Doctor Who right now?)

And yes, I’ve made some non-Who-related things. A headband, a hat, a crystal ball (don’t ask), and a couple of stuffed toy things for my friends’ baby who’s due next month. And, when I’m done with the scarf, I plan on working on some stuffed South Park characters for John.

Not so sure about making the South Park characters now… Didn’t end up ordering some of the yarn I would have needed for that when I made the order for my Who scarf, and he didn’t really care to begin with XD


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