LJ repost from 2/14/09

And here’s the second LJ repost 🙂

I just wrote an incredibly long email to my mom about my knitting projects, so I’m just going to copy it over here, with just a little bit of editing (she hadn’t seen Lumpy before, but you guys have, so I’ll leave that part out).

First, my (a bit uneven) fingerless mitts. I had to play with the colors in The Gimp some because my camera made them look really bright blue and they’re not. These pictures are a fairly close digital approximation of their actual color.

A hat I made actually using one of the patterns that came with the ‘teach yourself to knit’ kit that I started off with. I swear the odd green thing on the side is a piece of celery (a la the Fifth Doctor) not a palm tree. Maybe eventually I’ll make a better one to stick on there.

I’ve made two headbands so far. The one in the following picture, and a black one using the same pattern, but modified to be much skinnier. That one I haven’t photographed yet.

And now, a crystal ball. Yeah….. I needed a small project to keep my hands busy and I stumbled across this pattern on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan site and it seemed a good excuse to use some of the white wool yarn I bought for a project I decided not to make.
It’s also not nearly as big as the picture makes it look. I probably should have had my hand or something in the picture for reference, but oh well.

Last, but certainly not least, a red ‘kitty’ stuffie I made for my friend Heather whose baby is due in about a month. It’s red to make it more ‘evil’ because John insisted anything I made for them had to be evil (he was trying to get me to find a Baphomet knitting pattern. I told him he was insane.) I’m extremely proud of this one, almost, but not quite, moreso than the Dalek. It’s my first circular piece and I think I did pretty damn well (even though none of the pieces that are supposed to match, ie the ears, arms and legs, do).

As I think I mentioned last time, my current big project is a stuffed TARDIS (someone else’s finished one is here: http://images4cf.ravelry.com/uploads/penwiper/629147/2280149531_0a48451111_medium.jpg) and after that my next large project will be the Fourth Doctor’s 12-foot scarf. The yarn (wool this time, unlike most of my other yarn that is mostly acrylic and a few skeins of cotton blend, because what good is a scarf if it’s not wool?) is going to cost about $50, and that’s the absolute cheapest wool yarn available anywhere. Luckily for me, they have all of the colors I need for it. Well, all but one. Their purples were all wrong, so I’m having to get a much more expensive brand for the purple, but at least it’s only 2 balls.

When I started knitting, I of course wanted to make that scarf, but couldn’t justify spending the $100 it looked like it was going to cost. Most wool yarns start at $5/ball, and it takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to make the scarf. But, after discovering Wool of the Andes brand, it started looking possible at $50. And then between Sandy’s husband being in the hospital (long story short — other receptionist took off about 2 weeks for her husband’s surgery. While I understand her needing some time off, from what I’ve heard it seems to me she was out of work for a lot longer/more than she really needed to be…. but the whole thing left me too tired to care anymore) and the snow storm we had, I worked 98 hours in two weeks and we agreed I deserved to spend a chunk of money on something I wanted, so that scarf it is. I’ll be ordering the yarn in a few days, since I have to wait for that damn purple to be in stock.

I don’t normally write quite so much to my mother at once, but as I was typing it up, I decided I was going to be lazy and just copy parts of it over to here, and I think after I decided that I started writing in ‘blogging’ style, rather than my ’email to mom’ style, and it got a bit wordy XD (the distinct difference that can still be seen between the ‘blog’ and ’email to mom’ styles is that I rarely, if ever, use smilies with my mom. Because frankly, I don’t know if she’d know what they meant XD

And I promise to make a real, current post soon. Just need to take some pictures, which have been put off between my laziness and all the rain we’ve had recently.


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