Cylon Basestar

Cylon Base Ship
by wickedsharp

(Available on Ravelry:

Worsted weight yarn
US size 4 needles (or appropriate needles to get a tight guage – I tend to use smaller than necessary)

Instructions are written for Magic Loop.

The entire set of instructions will be followed twice, then joined together.

**Star tips
(make 3)

CO 4
divide for Magic Loop, join for working in the round
r1: k around
r2: kfb around (8 st)
r3-8: k around
r9: (kfb, knit to end of needle) x2 (10 st)
r10-15: k around
r16: (knit to last st on needle, kfb) x2 (12 st)
repeat rounds 9-15 (14 st)
slip all stitches to waste yarn, cut yarn, leaving 6in tail (keep each side separate on the waste yarn like the picture below)

(do not cut yarn after 3rd tip)


Outside center of ship:

Put half of the stitches (all the stitches that were from needle 1) from the first two tips back on one needle and the stitches from the third time on the second needle, like so:

Before joining, CO 5 stitches. Set up round will start at beginning of first tip.

k14, CO 5
before continueing to second needle, arrange stitches like so:

(the first set of new stitches are to the left, the second set to the right)

k7, pm to mark the new beginning of the round
(the beginning of the first set of new stitches will now be considered the beginning of the round)

r1: k around (31 st)
r2: k1, k2tog *k2, k2tog* (23 st)
r3: k around
r4: k2tog, *k1, k2tog* (15 st)
r5: k around
r6: k1, *k2tog* (8 st)
cut yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail, and draw through remaining stitches to close.

Lightly stuff star tips (I’ve found using a straw to get the stuffing into tight places works really well, and you can leave part of the straw in there to keep it straight/stiff).

Inside center of ship:

Put remaining held stitches back on needles. Arrange similar to first picture above (single tip on one needle, two adjacent tips on the other).
While working this part, keep all yarn ends to the outside of the piece. They will be used to close up any gaps.

Reattach yarn at beginning of single tip.
r1: k7, pu and knit 7 stitches (1 between tip and co edge, 5 from co, and 1 between co and second tip), k14, pu and knit 7 stitches (as before – you may want to use an extra needle to help pick up) (35 st)
r2: k around
r3: *k5, k2tog* (30 st)
r4: k around
r5: k2tog *k2, k2tog* (20 st)
r6: k around

Repeat from ** to ** for the second half of the base ship. Line halves up so they are oriented the correct way and sew together, finishing stuffing as you go.

Pattern released under Creative Commons Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike license.
Licensees may use, copy, distribute, display and make derivative works with credit to designer and for noncommercial use only. Derivative works may only be released under an identical license.


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